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mill finish aluminium sheet

aluminium sheets is widely used in construction decoration traffic sign cookware and so on .

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The product is used by remelting ingots add the right amount of alloying elements, processed by melting, casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, heat treatment, finishing and other multi-channel production process from the colored light metal materials, non-toxic, tasteless, shiny looking, beautiful light, heat conductive properties, processing performance, corrosion, corrosion resistance and good features.
  This product is widely used in manufacturing the lamp reflector, satellite antenna, hardware utensils, low corrosion resistant containers, household appliances shell, large curtain wall decoration, advertising signs and other decorative products.
  Product Name: Aluminum sheet
  Grades: 1050,1060,3003,5052, etc.
  Color: silver, aluminum qualities
  Thickness: 0.3-6.0mm can be produced according to customer’s requirements
  Size: Can be produced according to customer’s requirements
  Status: O, H12, H14, H16, H18
  Usage: can be used for walls, fins and housing, reflector lamps, billboards, signs, bus body, fan blades, with electronic parts, kitchenware, decorations.


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