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aluminum disc for kettle

Aluminium circle is widely used in reflector traffic sign in making aluminium cookware with its high deep drawing and spinning quality

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aluminum disc for kettle

Aluminium Circle Features:

1.alloy 1050 1060 1100 3003 aluminium circles, deep drawing quality, good spinning quality, excellent forming and anodizing, no four ears. 
2.Excellent reflectivity, good for Polishing. 
3.Good anodized quality, suitable for hard anodizing and enameling 
4.Clean surface and smooth edge, hot rolled quality,  fine grains and after deep drawing no looper lines
5.Excellent pearl color anodizing.

      Huadong Aluminium has hot rolled aluminium circle . Products widely used in aluminium processing manufacturing that all kinds industry of required aluminium circles,such as cookware with tensile aluminium circle、lamp 、traffic signage for aluminium circle、aluminium cans and seal the top of aluminium tank etc,

      Huadong Aluminium has more than 25 years' experience in producing aluminium circle for the cookware and the small appliance industries.

     And we also can do cladding aluminium circle ,Performance Advantages of cladding aluminium circle  :Environmental protection cooking pot body Amicook multilayer technology is not limited to the bottom of the pot, the application of the whole multi-layer clad technology the whole pot body, the cooking process to ensure good thermal conductivity and thermal resistance, allows you to use small fire cooking can make food fast heating, thermal insulation for a long time can save a great amount of energy and time for you.

     the following is the details that we can produce: 
     1.  304 + Alu + 430 O
     2.  304 S/S + 1050
     3.  304 S/S + Alu + 430 S/S
     4.  304 S/S + Alu + Copper
     5.  304 S/S + Alu + Copper + Alu          + 304 S/S
     6.  304 S/S + Aluminium + Copper
         + Aluminium + 430 S/S
     7.  430 S/S + Alu 
     8.  430 S/S + Alu + Copper + Alu
         + 430 S/S
     9.  Copper + Alu


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