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What necessary factors should be considered in the purchase of aluminum strip

As a kind of common raw materials in industry, aluminum strip has extensive applications and can be used in cable, transformer, aluminum-plastic compound pipe and heater. With strong corrosion resistance and good forming effect, it has excellent overall performance. Facing so many brand suppliers in the market, how to choose product that suits us? 
When selecting this kind of raw material, first we need to check the factory quality certification of the and pay attention to date of production, specifications and technical conditions. What’s more, we need to check the name of the firm and corresponding production license number. If the product is from regular manufacturer, we can find all above information.
Later, we can have a look at the surface. Generally, bright color and glossiness mean good quality of the product. One important thing is that obvious graze, scratch and bubble cannot be found on the surface, otherwise the quality of the product is discounted. Only properly choosing the product, can the following operation be smooth.
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