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pop rivet used for connection

There are all sorts of different rivets in our genuine life, including blind rivets,aluminium mushroom rivets ,pop rivets and so on.
Certainly, such a rivet originally is suitable for some places where can not use common rivets, because each rivet may have its own special application. It is believed that lots of people may be very knowledgeable about rivets, but most of people may heard of the pop rivets for the very first time. What is a pop rivet?
What does this look? Where can we apply it?Simply, a pop rivet has the body of rivets and the rivet mandrel. It is an common rivet for connection easily, but it must be used as a special tool. It doesn't matter it is a motor-driven, a manual or a pneumatic hand riveter, each of them may be used for a pop rivet directly. In the connective process, the rivet mandrel of pop rivets comes to be pulled by a special hand riveter. It looks that the entire process of pulling rivets becomes very swelling.

Such pop rivets with special styles appropriate for some special area. If a common pop rivet can't apply rivet connection, such a pop rivet may be used. However, such a pop rivet should be riveted in both sides, so it has been widely applied in some industries and fields, for example construction, automobiles, shiping, airplanes and household appliances, etc. Particularly, sometimes to be used open and elliptic pop rivets in some furniture.
Similarly, pop rivets are also related to some smooth occasions. Generally speaking, such pop rivets are from the countersunk head. If they are closed pop rivets, they should be kindly used for the closed space which may have the higher requirements. Such space has to bear a lot of pressures, so pop rivets should be used for connection.
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