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The Processing and Manufacturing Technology of Aluminum Coils and the Tools Used

With the progressing science and technology and the increasing demand of the society, the usage, production and processing technology of aluminum coil are becoming more and more restrict. To a great extent, the production and processing of aluminum section in our country are on the same level with developed countries. Now let’s look at its processing.

First, we should know that silicon is corrosive for cemented carbide. The aluminum alloy in Industrial 0.2 0.3mm 3003 3004 3105 cold rolling gutter cost price aluminum coil that is over 12% content is also called high silicon aluminum alloy. When processing, diamond cutting tool should be used. But it is not absolute with the situation for the increasing silicon content will destroy the tool badly. So manufacturers often use diamond cutting tools when processing aluminum alloy with a silicon content over 8%.
The following tools are suggested when processing. One is uncoated carbide alloy tools of ultra-fine particle, the other is carbide alloy tools without an aluminum coat or diamond cutting tools. The chip space should be relatively bigger so two-tooth tools are the most proper.
During the processing of aluminum coil, the silicon content is usually between 8% and 12%, a transition area in fact in the whole process. So either common carbide tools or diamond cutting tools are all okay with the situation. However, the cutting edges should be bigger so combining film materials with tools will be safer.
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