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The Surface and Processing State of Aluminum Foil

Much experience has been accumulated and significant achievements have been made in the usage of aluminum foil whether in China’s economy or in other aspects. Now a brief introduction to its surface and processing state will be made and let’s see its characteristics.
I. Surface State
There are two surface states of Alumium household foil silver aluminum foil: lustrous at one side and lustrous at both sides. Let’s talk of foil that is lustrous at one side. It is made with double rolling technology. The lustrous-at-one-side and lackluster-at-one-side effect will be achieved after coiling and it is called lustrous at one side. Where foil that is lustrous at both sides is made with single sheet rolling technology, in which both sides touch the rollers. But since the degrees of surface roughness of rollers are different, there are lustrous at both sides of mirror effect and ordinary effect.
II. Processing State
There are several relative states in processing, including plain foil, embossed foil, composite foil, coated foil and colored foil. Where plain foil means foil didn’t undergone any other processing after being rolled, so it is also called foil. And embossed foil bears all sorts of decorative imprints.
In fact, during the manufacturing and processing of aluminum foil, the technologies needed and states it goes through are various. Either composite foil or coated foil has its own advantages. Composite foil is a kind of foil that is compacted of aluminum foil, paper and plastic membrane; coated foil is the foil coated with all kinds of resins and paints for intensified effects.
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