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About the Daily Cleaning, Caring and Maintenance

China has a long history of using aluminum sheets. In that long period, different industries had their own needs for aluminum sheets. Nevertheless, as time changes, and after 1999, the construction of aluminum profile in China has reached another height. With a still thriving market demand, aluminum profile sheet industry in the country is undergoing micro regulation.

About Caring and Maintenance:
1.Any material needs caring and maintenance when being used, it is the same with aluminum sheets that need to be cleaned in daily life. During the cleansing process, a large amount of clean water is required firstly.
2.Some already diluted detergent is to be added into the cleansing water, and soft cloth is used to wipe gently. To clean the surface thoroughly, one must be careful when wiping.
3.Abundant clean water is needed for cleansing after wiping. A lot of cleaning must be done before the filth on the surface of the sheet is removed.
4.Scrutinize the sheet after the cleansing to see if there is any filth remaining. Then clean it. But remember that a hot sheet cannot be cleaned for the paint on its surface could be damaged.
Proper detergent must be used when cleaning aluminum sheet for making aluminum composite panel Neutral detergent is suggested. Strong detergent is not recommended if the surface is not particularly dirty or there are not any special requirement.
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