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Aluminum Coil: 1000 Series and 2000 Series

There is a product usually used in industrial production- aluminum coil, which is known to a lot of people. This material plays a major in electronics industry and packaging industry while being widely used in building materials and machinery and production. In China, it has been developed more and more mature and basically, our techniques in using it have caught up with that of the developed countries.

1000 Series
There a lot of classifications and series of aluminum coil, among which the 1000 Series is common. It contains higher aluminum content when compared with other aluminum products. The 1000 Series products contain up to 99% aluminum without any other technical element, so its production process is simpler and its price is cheaper. It is mostly used in nowadays industrial production. The last two digit Arabic numerals of serial numbers and models of aluminum materials usually stand for the lowest aluminum content. This is an effective reference when choosing materials.
2000 Series
2000 Series is another model of aluminum section. It is harder the above-mentioned 1000 Series for the higher cooper content in it which is up to 3-5%. It is less used than 1000 Series in conventional industrial production.
Aluminum coil are widely used in large amounts in the world. Thus its production and technology need further improvement.
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