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A Brief Introduction of Aluminum Foil and Its Purposes

The using of aluminum foil is seen everywhere today. This is a kind of very thin material that is made by calendaring metal aluminum. Its thermoprinting effect is very alike to that of sterling silver foil. For that reason, it is also called fake silver foil and is used in many places.

A Brief Introduction
When being manufactured and used, household catering cooking baking aluminum foil takes on a lustrous silver white. Because aluminum material itself is very soft and malleable, it can be calendared into thin slices. After being processed with sodium silicate and other substances, we get the aluminum foil we used to see on offset paper. It can be printed on at the same time. But the material itself gradually becomes lackluster as time passes, and it loses color whether being rubbed or touched. So the thermoprint on a book cover will not last long.
The Purposes
Featuring very excellent characteristics, the material is widely used whether in food industry or in beverage industry or in cigarette or medical industry as a kind of packing material. It is also usually used in the manufacturing of electrolytic capacitors not only as packaging material but also a kind of thermal insulating material.
Now aluminum foil has a good effect on decoration, too. It is often used in some golden and silver lines, wallpaper, logos of material on stationary for decoration. However, among all the usages, it performs the best in packing.
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