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The Classification of Aluminum Sheets and Their Purposes

Not all materials can be called aluminum sheets. Only aluminum materials with thickness between 0.2mm and 500mm, width over 200mm and length less than 16m can be called aluminum sheets. People also call them aluminum plates. Those with thickness less than 0.2mm and width within 200mm can only be called row materials or strip materials. However, with the progressing technology, the utmost width can be up to around 600mm. The profile sheet is in a rectangular shape and will be classified into various types such as pure aluminum sheet, aluminum alloy sheet, aluminum profile sheet, aluminum medium-thick sheet and aluminum embossed sheet.

About the Classification
First we can classify them according to composition of the alloy. Now we often see high-purity aluminum sheet for making aluminum composite panel that is rolled out with high-purity aluminum of a 99% content and above. There is also pure aluminum sheet that is mostly rolled out with high-purity aluminum despite a little lower content of aluminum. Besides, aluminum alloy is a material integrating aluminum and other auxiliary alloy materials.
About the Purposes
Given the highly developed science and technology today, the purposes of aluminum are on the rise. For example, it is used for lighting, solar reflector and some parts on building facades. It is also adopted by a lot of families in their inner decoration.
Aluminum sheets are widely used in making furniture, too. Kitchen cupboards made of this material are easy to maintain and clean. It is also used in manufacturing elevators, signs and suitcases.
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