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The Domestic Development Course of Aluminum Rivets

With the developing domestic industry, Aluminum rivets have been widely used in recent years. The original of aluminum rivets are wooden studs, the most ancient connecting way that can even be traced back to the Bronze Age. Studs riveted components together into a firm one. Today, rivets are developing rapidly and all types of rivets can be produced according to different needs. Among them there are stainless steel rivets, carbon steel rivets and Aluminum Swivel Head Hand Riveter Gun 75 Rivets of 4 Nozzles 350117. The aluminum rivets are highly praised by customers for their excellent performance.

Blind rivets that were invented for harness maintenance were used more in the past. They have seen rapid development today. Particularly, aluminum rivets can be used in aerospace industry for the low specific gravity will lose the weight of structural parts. What’s more, they can tightly fasten two structural parts and last long.
Aluminum rivets vary in sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different fields. For instance, cup head rivet is mostly used under circumstances that horizontal load is high. Flat cone head rivet is corrosion resistant and is used in strongly corrosive places. Besides, semi countersunk head rivet, countersunk rivet, flat head rivet and thin head rivet are all produced for various fields.
Being a long-term manufacturer of rivet, our company produces products of various specifications like semi-tubular rivet, solid rivet, blind rivet. Today, our products can be conveniently used on vehicles, ships, aircrafts and electric appliances. And with a rivet gun, you can install them easily. Our products are popular with customers. Welcome to purchase.
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