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How to purchase high-quality aluminium slug

Aluminium slug are often seen and widely used in our lives. They have good corrosion resistance, weld-ability, cold process-ability and obtain the unanimous praise and recognition from customers. For customers, it is very important to choose high-quality aluminium slug and to ensure the surface smooth and round.

High-quality Fast delivery slug mod clone&slug mod&aluminium slug made in china can not have cracks, corrosion spots and nitrate traces on the surface. In general, the depth of bubbles and rough damages on the surface is not more than eight percent and the maximum limit is not more than five percent. Suppliers should polish vertically along the profile until getting a smooth surface and produce according to customers’ demand.
The production of aluminium slug has high overall requirements. Our company has been engaged in the manufacture of aluminium slug for a long time and grasp advanced technologies. We guarantee to provide customers with better-quality products at the same price. Our company is best choice for customers, welcome to purchase.
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